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Application and Data Available Anytime Everywhere

Simbisa Brands currently operates 459 quick service restaurants restaurants in 9 countries across Africa with future ambitions of further expansion across the region.

The Challenge

Simbisa Brands processes thousands of transactions per month for their internal customers (employees) and external customers and suppliers.  There was a need for a highly available server stack that would be accessible securely anywhere in the world, with room to scale as the brand grows along with the ability to restore data should a data loss occur (human error or technology failure).Simbisa carried out a request for quote’s and challenged STC to provide a cost optimized solution that would be competitive

The Commitment

Standard Telephones and Cables committed to provide an environment that would have zero IT overhead from a management perspective.  STC further committed to reducing the IT costs by at least 25% per month without compromising on security, ease of use and backup.

The Result

Standard Telephones and Cables was able to migrate our application stack from our old environment into AWS.  As promised, we now have a robust application stack with a backup solution that ensures we can restore our data at any point in time.  We can further restore data to secondary environments for inspection without affecting our production environment.  Not only did STC ensure that we harnessed a 25% saving on our monthly bill but was able to provide us with additional services which provide value and are completely managed by STC and AWS.

“Thanks for deliveringon the savings. You and your team have done an outstanding job!”

                                                                                              Baldwin Guchu

                                                                                                                              FD Simbisa Brands

Our Clients

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